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Another model that I repeatedly failed to make. Adam Black had sent me some rough diagrams that I redrew here. I really like how this model turned out so I am posting his model. Please note that this is NOT something I plan to do regularly. Get your own website, ya mooches....

This was a model that I repeatedly failed to make when I first started. Yet, now the design came easily. Sometimes you just need a break in order to start from a new angle. It's still not perfect; maybe I'll get it perfect if I retry it again in a few years.

AT-ST Chicken Walker
It's actually a 'Scout Walker', although from the way it moves, I always thought 'chicken walker' was more appropriate. The little triangles on the sides are supposed to be guns, but I just couldn't make them better. I describe how to make the 'eyes' but in reality, I have such bad luck with them that I usually just skip them.

Destroyer Droid
The roly poly Droideka were the slickest looking droids from The Phantom Menace. But you already knew that. It is compound origami, made from two equal sized squares. I did make a single square version, but the proportions were way off. Use stiff paper or foil paper, or else it'll fall over.
*Pages 5-6 are additional instructions to make a 2 fingered droideka. Do them first.

Millennium Falcon
I really wanted to make a detailed Millennium Falcon. Here are two of my early attempts. The first is one of my earlier 'successes' sans radar dish or other details. In the second, I've managed to add a color change for the engine glow.
02/2004 Inspiration finally struck. There is a much more complicated version in the Photo gallery.

Naboo Fighter
This is the first thing I managed to make from The Phantom Menace. I'm not satisfied with the size of the engine nacelles, but I really like the little R2 unit sticking up top. Very serendipitous.

The idea of an R2D2 had been intriguing me for quite awhile. When I finally started folding, the design came fairly easily. Best in Foil or something that holds a crease. Tends to splay like roadkill with regular paper.

Slave I
Boba Fett has such a cult following, I knew I had to make Fett's ship. After a couple years of failed attempts, I feel especially lucky that I finally figured it out just before Attack of the Clones came out.

Star Destroyer
The Star Destroyer just seemed to fall into place for me. It has a nice 3-D shape to the body. I just wish it wasn't so flimsy. The picture probably won't show it, but the 'engines' are the colored-side of the paper. There's a reverse shot in the Gallery.

TIE Bomber
This was one of the first models I created. At the time I was almost wetting my pants with excitement, but now that I've made others, this one seems pretty shabby, with a tendency to rip. I include mainly to (hopefully) show some progression. Maybe I'll try to redesign it later.

TIE Fighter
I went through about 4 or 5 different designs before I got this TIE. I am probably overly proud of this one, since it is one of my early successes. If I had to choose my favorite, it would probably be this model. It's pretty simple with one pain-in-the-butt fold.

TIE Interceptor
The TIE Interceptor turned out nicer than I hoped. The wings are even the right shape! Wetfolding it or using foil paper will keep the wings from opening out. I did work out a variation with black wings also, but the center tends to tear out. Oh well.
The diagrams have some errors. Check here for more help.

Y-Wing Fighter
I thought this Y-wing would never see the light of day. Every couple of years, I would play with it and come up with some improvements, but I never felt like diagramming it.It took awhile to get everything properly proportioned. Still need to get the roof gun split into two...

X-Wing Fighter
This is what started the whole thing. It flowed so easily from the frog base, so I tried to make a TIE, and then I was hooked. Unfortunately, MANY variations of the frog-based X-wing are out there, so I cannot claim any form of creative genius on my part. For more versions of X-Wings, read my LINKS page. There are cosmetic differences, so I hesitantly call this one 'mine.'

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